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DC to Come Out With New Comic: Like "Harry Potter in Gotham"

DC to Come Out With New Comic: Like "Harry Potter in Gotham"

Well here's some awesome news for the day! In an interview with Comic Book Resources, writers Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher and artist Karl Kerschl spoke about their upcoming series, Gotham Academy. What is it exactly? Well by their own description, it's like Harry Potter meets Batman! It tells the story of Olive Silverlock and MAPS Mizoguchi, two students at Gotham Academy, a Hogwarts for superheroes.

The series will feature all sorts of Batman characters, including two from the old 1960s Batman series, one from Batman the Animated Series, and "an old favorite from comic book continuity."

Although they didn't want to reveal too much, the creators said that all the students will be all new characters, many of whom have secrets to discover. Some of them will be the heroes of the future, while others may become the villains. We can only imagine how the stories here will echo through the future of DC Comics for years to come (unless they decide to reboot it again).

They also said it will follow the same sort of tonal path the Harry Potter books did, starting out lighthearted but getting more dark as time goes on.

And who is funding this school? Well would you believe it's billionaire Bruce Wayne? how nice of him to take an interest in superheroics! It's good that he's helping others fight crime even if he isn't himself.

The creators describe it as an "all ages book," so this one could be a great comic to share with younger siblings and instill a love early on! Or to share with parents and instill a love later on!

Honestly, all we needed to hear was "Harry Potter meets Batman." Just imagine it! What do you think Batman's patronus would be? It could be anything!

Gotham Academy #1 will be out in October so you can get your hands on it soon, and definitely make sure to check out the whole interview for other details!

Will you be checking this out? Tell us in the comments!


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