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The Craziest Spy Innovations of The Last Few Years!

The Craziest Spy Innovations of The Last Few Years!

Do you want to learn about some crazy spy innovations that have been created over the last few years? Well we already know the answer and it's yes! How do we know that? Well let's just say we've got eyes and ears everywhere! Also, you clicked this article, which is some pretty strong evidence for your interest. Well, wait no longer because here are some crazy new spy technologies we may or may not be using on you right now.

Satellites That Are The Real Deal

Recently British police officers were looking for the body of a murdered woman. In doing so, they used a satellite so powerful, it can spot a rabbit hole hidden under a bush. From space.  So that embarrassing twist on the Chicken Dance you do in your backyard? Yep, they can see it perfectly.

Cyborg Insects

What do you find scarier, bugs or robots? Well you don't have to choose, because DARPA (essentially the Pentagon's sci-fi research division) went ahead and removed some insect brains so that they could replace them with transmitters. They can then control the bugs and equip them with recording software to perform surveillance. Want to see it in action? Just take a look at this nightmare AKA demonstration video:

X6 Glasses

You know how in most first-person video games there's all sorts of information in your field of vision? Well these glasses make that a reality. Looking at a map wearing the glasses can cause a 3-D projection of whatever you're looking at to appear. You may not actually be in a sci-fi movie, but from your perspective it'll look like you are.

Laser Listening Device

OK, so this one has actually been around for a little while now, but we hadn't heard of it so it's a recent innovation to us! Because sound is just waves moving through the air, this laser can process the waves to tell you what is being said. And at quite the distance too. Eavesdropping is rude, but eavesdropping with lasers? Still rude but also kind of awesome.


Do you remember that scene in The Dark Knight where (SPOILERS) Batman reveals that he's constructed a computer system that can track the cellphones of everyone in Gotham? Well, imagine that, but real. DSCNET is a system that allows the FBI and probably other government agencies we're not allowed to know about to monitor and listen in on phone calls. We're assuming once they're done with it (SPOILERS) they'll have Morgan Freeman destroy it.

Visual Microphone

So you remember that laser listening device we told you about a couple paragraphs up? Well this is like that but on a crazy train straight through blowing-our-mindachusetts. This is a technology that can analyze the vibrations of an object caught on video to determine what the people who were in the room with that object were saying at the time of the recording. Was that clear? To clarify, if people were talking in a room with an object and that object was caught on video... you know what? Just watch this:

So is this stuff crazy, or super crazy? Tell us in the comments!

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