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The Top 5 Reasons Legend of Korra is the Best Ever

The Top 5 Reasons Legend of Korra is the Best Ever

Legend of Korra just had its season finale and it's been an interesting ride. On the one hand, Nick didn't announce the premier date until a couple weeks beforehand and decided to move it to only online streaming halfway through. On the other hand, this may be the best season of Avatar to date! We think it's safe to say that it's a young adult show, rather than a kid's show, as some of the stuff this season has been Harry Potter Book Seven dark. To celebrate this amazing season, we're running down our top five reasons why The Legend of Korra is the best EVER.


It Has Amazing Characters of All Types

Non-white female lead? Check. Awesome non-white female bad guy with no arms who still manages to be one of the most capable fighters in the series? Check. Awesome female bad guy with an eye in her head that fires explosions? Check! The Legend of Korra has done a fantastic job of creating lots and lots of the sorts of characters who we just don't see enough of on other shows. And for long time fans of the show, we finally get an air bending villain!

It Has Complex Villains

Speaking of the villain, Zaheer and the other members of the Red Lotus are far more interesting than the average "wants to rule the world just because" villains. Amon and his attempts to equalize society in the first season of Korra was also compelling but after the somewhat unclear motivations behind second season villain Unalaq, it was nice to get back to villains with defined yet complex motivations. If the mark of a great villain is that you sometimes find yourself agreeing with them, Zaheer whirls into that title on a gust of bended air.

It Tackles Interesting And Relevant Issues

Sure, most young adult series have morals about friendship or the value of courage but how many of them are willing to tackle the relationship between stability in government and liberty for the governed? Zaheer is right when he points out that those under the Earth Queen's rule are being horribly mistreated, but by taking her out, he allows chaos, destruction, and crime to run rampant. There isn't necessarily a clear answer, and that's the way we like it.

They Show The Sorts of Families Other Shows Don't

Lin and Suyin Beifong are half-sisters. They have different fathers who they've never met and the show treats it like it's a normal thing, which it totally is for many people. And yet, how many shows ostensibly for kids can you think of that would be willing to acknowledge that sort of family? It's great that kids in that situation can see awesome characters with the same sort of family they have.

Awesome Fight Scenes

The fights are incredibly well directed and so imaginative and perfectly complimented by the music... we could go on and on which is why you'll soon see a post counting down the best fight scenes of the season. Keep your eyes peeled!

What's your favorite thing about Legend of Korra? Tell us in the comments!

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