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Are We Living In a Futristic Dystopia?

Are We Living In a Futristic Dystopia?

There's some super depressing stuff going on in the world right now that looks like scenes straight out of Children of Men. Given that that's a futuristic dysotopian novel/movie, that's decent supporting evidence that we're actually living in a dystopia.

Don't agree? That's fair! But there's evidence pointing to the contrary everywhere. Take this "fun" (the quotes indicate sarcasm) story about "poor doors" in New York. In order to get certain sorts of tax credits, landlords have to offer some affordable housing in their buildings. However, instead of just maybe having some of the units be smaller, they made a whole separate entrance that those in the affordable housing units have to use. So pretty much Elysium except with people not being allowed to use the fitness center in their own building instead of being not allowed to go on the space station.

There's also been increasing inequality and the destruction of social benefit programs. Mix that with the ever increasing popularity of competition based reality shows and we're not that far off from a Hunger Games situation.

And Google Glass? That's something straight out dystopian sci-fi. Just wait until the robots start hacking them and control every image in front of your eyes. All you'll be able to see is adorable kitty videos while the robot overlords take control! Brave New World imagined a future where everyone is too distracted by constant entertainment to mount any sort of resistance. Sound familiar? Well guess what! Brave New World? Also a dystopian novel.

Want to hear about climate change? No you don't, it's also super depressing. If the ice caps melt, we might end up living in a dystopia like the movie Waterworld. Or worse: a dystopia where everyone is forced to watch the movie Waterworld.

So since we've pretty much proven that yes, we are living in a dystopia, the question remains: what do we do about it? Well if any of these various books or films have taught us anything, there should be someone born around this time who will fix everything.

Not to say that they'll do it alone. They'll likely have a whole team of different characters to help them out. At least one of them will start as a villain before joining the good guys, while at least one of the other ones will betray our hero.

On the other hand, wifi in every coffee shop is a pretty awesome thing we have now. We also live in a world where Guardians of the Galaxy exists. You know what? Maybe we live in a utopia after all (but also we should definitely do something about all that other stuff).

What do you think? Are we in a dystopia?

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