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Jenna Don't Go! Hypothetical Ways Clara Oswin Oswald Might Depart Doctor Who

Jenna Don't Go! Hypothetical Ways Clara Oswin Oswald <em>Might</em> Depart Doctor Who

Though it’s unconfirmed by the BBC or Jenna Coleman herself, the overwhelming rumor vortex is suggesting the impossible girl and incumbent Doctor Who companion—Clara Oswald—might be leaving the TARDIS forever in December. Weirdly, Clara hasn't actually been around as long as you might think. Even though she showed up at the start of season 7 of Doctor Who back in 2012 (which is technically the show’s last full season) she actually was only around for half of it. This means when Clara leaves, her tenure will be only slightly longer than Donna Noble’s in season 4.

But if Clara does take off, how will it go down? Here are some predictions.

Her Crush on the 11th Doctor is Breaking Her Heart

It was heavily implied and outright stated numerous times that Clara had a romantic thing for Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor. Now that he’s become an older-looking guy, and perhaps a less cuddly, fun-loving figure, Clara might not be able to handle this “loss.” In some ways, the regeneration from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi was like the Doctor breaking up with Clara. And if you’ve been broken up with, you don’t keep living with the person!

Clara Gets RANDOMLY  Zapped by a Monster/Bad Guy/Dalek

This would be the most tragic and awful, but Doctor Who hasn't done a “senseless” or tragic character death in a long while. Infamously, the show killed off the teenage character of Adric back in 1982 in an episode called “Earthshock.” There’s always been super-complicated reasons as to why companions have departed recently; what if it was just random? How sad would that be?

Clara’s Multiple Selves Catch Up With Her

In “The Name of the Doctor,” we learned Clara was split into multiple versions of herself which were spread throughout time. This problem was theoretically resolved by the Doctor rescuing her from oblivion, but how did he actually do that? Further, it’s still possible other versions of Clara might still be out there, continuing to rescue the Doctor throughout all of time. In fact, there’s no reason to believe there isn't a new version of Clara who has to rescue the 12th Doctor! Time isn't always a strict cause and  effect, after all. If there was a Clara who told the 1st Doctor to steal a TARDIS, who’s to say there wasn't one who “saved” the new 12th Doctor from some weird slobbering monster? And, if that version of Clara is different than our “current” Clara, the two might cancel each other out. Two Clara’s have yet to meet, but it’s totally possible, and potentially a big mess.

Clara Turns Evil

This one is a little far-out, but how about a plotline where the Doctor accidentally corrupts Clara, and she becomes a power-hungry monster? Being around the Doctor’s huge amounts of power has been exhilarating for some of his buddies and totally frightening for others. Maybe there could be something that’s a little bit of both here. Perhaps Clara could get sick of the way the Doctor wields his Time Lordy power and wants to stretch some of her own inter-dimensional muscles. It’s not totally in keeping with her personality, but a lot can happen in a season of a TV show, particularly if there’s time travel involved.

Clara Gets Trapped in an Alternate Universe

Just like Rose! That way she could be brought back if the show needed to bring her back! Wow, that would be super cheap since they’ve already done that, right? Well, it’s not totally out of the question when you consider that the planet Gallifrey is currently trapped in an alternate universe. If the Doctor is all about  finding his home planet, there might be some alternate universe consequences.

What do you think? If Clara leaves Doctor Who, in what style will she do it? Will you miss her? Should she stay forever? What’s her best episode so far? Her best pair of shoes?

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