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Take Our Super Mega Ultra Hyper Turbo Neo Prefix Gravity Falls Quiz!

Take Our Super Mega Ultra Hyper Turbo Neo Prefix Gravity Falls Quiz!

What's not to love about Gravity Falls? With scene-stealing characters, zany humor, and an ever-expanding pile of mysteries to solve, the show has become an instant hit with children and adults alike. But how well do you, the viewer, think you know Gravity Falls? Are you aware of everything this mind-bending television program has to offer? It's time to put your knowledge of the seemingly quaint town to the test. Take our quiz and journey into a world of mystery!

1. In the episode "The Inconveniencing," Mabel, while hallucinating on Smile Dip, shouts out the quote “Onwards Aoshima!” as a nod to one of Gravity Falls' directors. What is his first name?

A. John

B. Zach

C. Michael

D. Jeff


Answer: A!


2. During which episode is the “S” on the sign of the Mystery Shack knocked off?

A. Gideon Rises

B. Bottomless Pit

C. Tourist Trapped

D. Headhunters


Answer: D!


3. Who voices Agent Powers in the recent episode "Scary-Oke?"

A. Key Vigenere

B. Rashida Jones

C. Nick Offerman

D. Chris Pratt


Answer: C!


4. Blendin Blandin appears in the background in the episodes:

A. The Deep End, Carpet Diem, Boyz Crazy, Land Before Swine

B. Tourist Trapped, The Legend of the Gobblewonker, Headhunters, Gideon Rises

C. Double Dipper, Summerween, Boss Mabel, Gideon Rises

D. The Hand That Rocks the Mabel, Dipper vs. Manliness, Irrational Treasure, Fight Fighters


Answer: B!


5. The backstory presented in the episode "Irrational Treasure" involves William Henry Harrison replacing Quentin Trembley as the official 8th president of the United States. Since Trembley won in 1837, who should he really have been replaced by?

A. James Monroe

B. John Tyler

C. Andrew Jackson

D. Martin Van Buren


Answer: D!


6. True or False: Alex Hirsch said on Reddit that he was planning on writing only two seasons and a movie for Gravity Falls, wanting to preserve quality over quantity.

A. True

B. False


Answer: A!


7. What Spider-Man actor voiced the Multi-Bear in Dipper vs. Manliness?

A. Willem Dafoe

B. Andrew Garfield

C. Alfred Molina

D. Rhys Ifans


Answer: C!


8. When properly decoded, what is the credits message at the end of "Summerween?"

A. Gummy Chairs: Not Just for Sitting On

B. Brought to You by Homework: The Candy

C. With Apologies to Hayao Miyazaki

D. Remember to Brush Your Teeth Three Times a Day


Answer: B!


9. When one looks into its eyes, the Gremloblin in Boss Mabel is capable of doing what to a person?

A. Showing that person their worst fear

B. Blasting them to smithereens

C. Giving them a homework assignment

D. Transforming them into a mindless slave


Answer: A!


10. According to the creator himself, which adult cartoon did Gravity Falls take major inspiration from?

A. Family Guy

B. Venture Bros

C. The Simpsons

D. Home Movies


Answer: C!


11. The character Gideon is modeled specifically after which televangelist?

A. Jim Bakker

B. Harold Camping

C. Jerry Falwell

D. Benny Hinn


Answer: D!


12. Which cult classic teen drama did Linda Cardellini, the voice actress for Wendy, star in?

A. The Wonder Years

B. Freaks and Geeks

C. 7th Heaven

D. Degrassi


Answer: B!

Thank you for joining us on this fantastic voyage of wonder and amazement. Remember folks, we put the “fun” in No Refunds!

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