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The Top 5 Legend of Korra Fight Scenes Of The Season

The Top 5 Legend of Korra Fight Scenes Of The Season

Well, another season of Legend of Korra has ended in a fantastic finale, and we know we'll be missing it until it comes back. In the meantime, let's remember the season through one of the highlights of the series: the fights! Obviously the characters and art style and locations are all amazing, but it's pretty significant that the Avatar series as a whole and this season of Legend of Korra in particular have fight scenes a cut above what most ostensibly adult action series provide. So let's take an imaginative, well choreographed look down memory lane!

Zaheer Breaks P'li Out Of Jail (Episode 4): Up until this point, we've only seen Zaheer and the other Red Lotus members (of course we didn't know who they were then) fight against nameless White Lotus guards. We've been told they're powerful, but we didn't have a benchmark for that. Now they're about to face off against Desna and Eska (who we know were powerful enough to give Korra a tough time last season), Tonraq (who showed off his incredible water bending skills last season against Unalaq), Zuko (who was a very powerful firebender as a teenager in the original series and has likely gained even greater power), and Zuko's dragon (who is a dragon).

It isn't even close, as Zaheer is able to dance circles around Tonraq while Ming Hua uses her watery limbs to swing between Desna and Eska, drilling into the Earth to free P'li from her icy prison. When they return to the surface, P'li is engulfed in the dragons fire before delivering her awesome line: "I've waited thirteen years to feel this warm." Then she fires an explosion right back at the dragon. Great display of many different sorts of blending and a great set up of just how threatening these villains are. You can watch it from 1:00-5:00 here.

The New Air Nation Takes on the Bison Rustlers (Episode 7): Encouraged by a moving and comical speech by Bumi, the new Air Nation frees Jinora and captured air bison from poachers. This is the first time we've seen this many air benders really team up and let loose. The fight may be relatively short, but there's a bunch of fun stuff packed in. We've got Meelo beating people up, air scooter action, and an awesome pay-off on a head shaving joke that was set up earlier in the episode. Check it out between 18:20 and 20:30 here.

Aang's Children Battle the Red Lotus (Episode 11): This fight reminded us that even though Zaheer may be powerful, Tenzin is a true air bending master. Kya and Bumi put up a good fight against Ming Hua (WHO GIVES HERSELF WATERY DOC OCK TENTACLES!) and Ghazan respectively, but they're defeated relatively quickly. Tenzin actually has Zaheer on the run for once and would have won if he didn't end up having to fight all four members of the Red Lotus at once after Kya and Bumi are knocked out of the fight. That being said, he still puts up a decent fight given the circumstances. Zaheer even seems to really respect him, though it doesn't stop the Red Lotus from pummeling Tenzin mercilessly when he won't surrender.

Korra in Chains (Episode 12): Korra is handcuffed as she fights P'li and Zaheer, using some fancy footwork to shoot fire and air at them. Then Lin and Suyin join the fight, teaming up against P'li and it feels so satisfying given their earlier sisterly conflict. Tonraq gets to fight fight Zaheer alongside his daughter which is also awesome, and then Suyin kills P'li by wrapping her head in metal (side note: they've definitely let people get killed in much darker ways this season). It ends with Zaheer revealing that, oh no big deal but he can fly. You can see it here from 9:50 to 16:00.

Awesome Sky Battle (Episode 13): Now this is a season ending battle. Korra in the avatar state, rocketing through the sky, battling Zaheer in midair. In the meantime, we also have incredible climactic fights between Mako and Mig Hua and Bolin and Ghazan. Getting back to the main conflict though, the fight is just directed so well and... well you can just watch it again to remember here starting at 27:30.

Did we leave out your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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