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Video of "Pokémon" and "Tekken" Combine in "Pokken Tournament"!

Video of "Pokémon" and "Tekken" Combine in "Pokken Tournament"!


The Pokémon franchise has never shied away from going beyond its RPG roots and venturing into other genres, as seen in games including Pokémon Puzzle League and the life-simulating Hey You, Pikachu! But just today Joystiq reported that Nintendo and Bandai Namco are working together on the series’ first arcade fighter foray: Pokken Tournament, combining the world of Pokémon with the bare-knuckle fury of Tekken. Read on for the high-energy preview footage!



Unveiled by Tsunekazu Ishihara (CEO of The Pokémon Company), Katsuhiro Harada (producer of Tekken), and Masaaki Hoshino (producer of Soulcalibur) during a Niconico livestream, Pokken Tournament will be hitting Japanese arcades in 2015. No exact street date has been set, nor any confirmation of a North American release, but judging by the respective series’ popularity among western audiences, we’ll likely be seeing it localized eventually. In the meantime, this footage of Lucario and Machamp tearing into each other will just have to hold you over until that day arrives.


PS: Is anyone else hoping for Heihachi in a Snorlax costume? Because we are.


Which Pokémon would you like to see appear in the game?

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