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Wear Your Favorite Fandom With Optimystical Studios' Handmade Jewelry

If you’re looking for some unique ways to display your favorite fandom in your style, then you need to check out the wonderful work of Optimystical Studios. The shop specializes in handmade geek jewelry and accessories, including fun pieces inspired by a number of fandoms like Doctor WhoGame of Thrones, and more. Co-owner and creator Adrian Keith told the MindHut the company enabled them to combine their love of creating jewelry with their other passions.

“There is something immensely satisfying in being at a convention and having someone spot their 'most favorite character ever.' Getting to chat with fans about who their favorite Doctor Who companion is, or talking Women in Science; both really show how much we all have in common. After four years of traveling around the country and meeting hundreds of thousands of other geeky folks, we've really gotten to the point of seeing our customers more as friends than anything else, because even if my favorite isn't yours, the fact that we can geek out over the things we love really connects us,” Keith said. “It's a little funny, I can point to several people we have met while doing conventions and say, ‘I'm in this fandom because of you.’ We came into the business with our own fandoms and comic loves, but fandom doesn't exist in a vacuum (or shouldn't) and everyone we meet feeds our passion and expands it. There are so many things we probably never would have checked out if we hadn't started Optimystical Studios. And that keeps our creative energy high, and our lines of geeky and fandom jewelry ever evolving.”

Check out some of Optimystical Studios work on the following slides!

Credit: Optimystical Studios

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