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Super Adorable Animals THAT WILL TOTALLY KILL YOU!!!

Nature is a harsh mistress. It scatters the globe with thousands of creatures that you just want to lavish with tummy scratches, big-fat hugs and kisses right across their pudgy little faces. Unfortunately 99.9% of the time the result of such an action will most certainly lead to a bloodbath of epic proportions, which is why your local petting zoo probably isn’t stocked with Bengal tigers, rhinos and ferocious wolverines. Well, if we can’t pet them in real life, at least we can read about them on the internet in the relative safety of our own home. So here are some insanely cute critters that you don’t want to mess with in the real world. We still don’t recommend petting them, because you may smudge your screen, and it might just be a sign that you possess a profound disconnect with reality, and that’s no bueno.

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Vadim Newquist

Vadim Newquist is a writer, director, actor, animator, fire fighter, stunt driver, martial arts instructor, snake wrangler and time traveling bounty hunter who scales tall buildings with his bare hands and wrestles sharks in his spare time. He can do ten consecutive backflips in one jump, make cars explode with his mind, and can give fifty people a high-five at once without even lifting his hands. He holds multiple PhDs in nuclear physics, osteopathic medicine, behavioral psychology, breakdancing, and chilling out. He currently resides in Gotham City inside his stately mansion with his butler Alfred and his two cats.

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