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By the Numbers: Crazy Unique Numberism Drawings

If you look closely at this intricate etching of Star Trek’s Locutus, what do you see? A close look or peek through a magnifying glass will reveal that this amazing art has been etched entirely out of numbers. Actually, it’s specifically etched with the Flocking Algorithms (to account for the Borg’s hive mentality according to the artist), Predator Prey Formulas, and phrases like “Resistance is Futile,” “Locutus of Borg,” “The one who speaks,” and “Resist Resist Resist.”

This is just one example of Sienna Morris’ unique Numberism art. Her pieces are drawn entirely with numbers and formulas. Morris told the MindHut the style started out of need.

“My life was a mess and I was in a deep depression before Numberism. I was running away from my life, focusing on my past (mostly mistakes) and on the future (mostly fear). I had a constant sense of dread that I was running out of time. This crippled me in my ability to move forward,” she explained. “In 2008, I started drawing moments of peace of wonder, illustrating them in a state of flux with the numbers of the clock, 1 – 12. I wanted them to feel like a breath, barely being there before they fell away in to the next moment. Drawing and seeing these pieces as fluid moments helped calm me and root me in the present. It wasn't negative, watching those moments pass; it was the only way they could be there at all, which gave me a sense of gratitude.”

See more of Morris’ amazing work and learn more about her process on the following slides!

Credit: Sienna Morris

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