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How to Tell the Hollywood Nerds From the Hollywood Geeks

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It's the Age of the Geek, in Hollywood—or is it the Age of the Nerd? Are your favorite actors, writers, and directors geeks or nerds, and how can you tell the two apart?

Let's start by looking at the main differences between geeks and nerds, as MindHut defines them:

Super-interested in show choir or indie film? You're a geek. Love Mathletes and Dungeons and DragonsNerd.

Dress to impress? Geek. Clothes simply something to cover your body? Nerd.

Do you like to literally geek out with other people? Um, you're a geek, obvs. Prefer to solve problems on your own? You might be a little nerdy.

Got it? Let's take a look at some of Hollywood's big stars, and see if you can guess who falls into which category.

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