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The Perpetually Anxiety-Riddled Guy's Guide to Not Throwing Up on One's Self When Talking to a Girl You've Never Met!

Grant Lindahl


Do you get butterflies at the very thought of talking to a crush you have not spoken to before, so much so that all you can think about is whether or not what you had for dinner earlier is now on your shirt? Well we're here to help! With our guide, you'll go from throwing up on yourself, to believing in yourself! You'll transform your anxiety into notoriety! That awkwardness will become... the endearing kind of awkwardness! Yes, just use these tips and you'll be having vomitless convos with your crushes in no time.

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Andrew Tavin

Andrew Tavin is a writer and stand-up comedian living in New York City. His work has been featured on Upworthy and Collegehumor. He writes pretty mediocre bios and can be followed on Twitter @andrewtavin.

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