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Are We Living In a Futristic Dystopia?

Are We Living In a Futristic Dystopia?

By Andrew TavinAugust 19, 2014

There's some super depressing stuff going on in the world right now that looks like scenes straight out of Children of Men....More  →

The Best

The Best "Gritty" Sci-fi Movies of all Time

By Tim ButcherMay 30, 2014

When we think of technology in sci-fi, we often think of neat, pristine-looking gadgets that apparently run on magic. We think of...More  →

The 9 Scariest Dystopias

The 9 Scariest Dystopias

By Scott GreenstoneJune 12, 2013

Dystopianism is all the rage right now with movies like The Purge, Elysium, and, of course, Catching Fire coming out this year....More  →