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What CAN'T you do?

What CAN'T you do?

By Miss Marm

I can look at theses and short stories, answer grammar questions, and weigh in on paper topic ideas. There are many things I can't do, though, because they fall under the heading of Helping You Cheat.

Here are some real questions I've received, along with my answers.

Q: i neeed ur help to do my assignment on a english book IVANHOE by Sir Walter Scott.
Whatt i hv to do is to write the summary of the book in simple english with words
A: I can't summarize books.

Q: We have a question in our text - "Irony is something that happens in the opposite sway to what you would expect. How does irony work in this poem? Does irony enhance the poet's exploration of success?" Would you please prepare an answer to that question for me?
A: I can't write responses.

Q: What made Huck's heart "jump up amongst" his lungs? Why?
A: I can't read chapters for you in order to find answers to specific questions.

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