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Presenting: Ask Miss Marm

Presenting: Ask Miss Marm

By Miss Marm

Oh, hello. Miss Marm here. I'm a teacher, an editor, and the author of a manual on grammar and style, and
I'm here to answer your questions—fast. If you have a pressing concern related to writing, I'm your girl. Ask me anything, including:

1. Do I have a thesis?

2. What's wrong with this sentence?

3. Should I write, "The family is fighting" or "The family are fighting"?

4. Will you edit this paragraph for me?

If I'm feeling generous, and you ask very nicely, I may even edit a whole five-page essay.

Send questions and requests to, and make sure to put Ask Miss Marm in the subject line. The more information and context you give me, the better the chance I'll be able to answer your question!


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