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My New Favorite Poem

My New Favorite Poem

By Miss Marm

Mondays are sad. We all know this. And they're especially tragic if you've spent the weekend attending riotous holiday parties, seeing "A Streetcar Named Desire" at BAM, and sleeping until 2 p.m, and must now return to reality.

If there's one thing that can cure a case of the Mondays, it's finding a poem like this in your inbox:


Why is the sky blue?
Because God want it to be blue.

Why is the Earth round?
Because God made it round.

Why is my doggy dead?
I don't know.

I love this! I love the easy diction; I love the familiar, simple words; I love the idea the poem captures, which is a complicated one: it's easy enough to believe that God creates happy miracles (the blue sky, the round earth); it's much harder to believe God would allow—or even cause—your dog to die.

At first I thought the title might be too abstract and vague, but on second thought, I like it, because it reflects (and perhaps ironically comments on) the speaker's innocent, slightly naive tone. I have a few tiny edits (want-->wanted, Earth-->earth [or delete the "the" and leave Earth capitalized]), but mostly, I just want to give this poem a candy cane and a hug.

How was your weekend, Sparklers?

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