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I'm Stumped.

I'm Stumped.

By Miss Marm

Every so often, a Sparkler writes in with a question that baffles me utterly. For example:

i have an a question that teacher gave us but  i did no understand it

"Explain the reasons given by postcolonial theoriest to theories cultures in the previous colonies"

can you explain just the question for me and what it want

As I see it, there are a few possibilities:

A) I'm an idiot.

B) This Sparkler has mistyped his teacher's question.

C) The teacher wrote this question while drunk/sick with the swine flu/simultaneously watching Conan, tweeting, listening to Nicki Minaj, and drinking an egg cream

Care to tell me which answer is correct—or to take a crack at deciphering this prompt?

If you'd like to confound me, my email address is

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