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I Finished That Book Months Ago, Dummy

I Finished That Book Months Ago, Dummy

By Miss Marm

If you're like me (and I know you are), you race through assigned books in a few nights. You finish ahead of schedule mostly for pleasure; you love to read. You also enjoy saying, "Oh, Lord of the Flies? I finished it, like, a month ago."

But after the jerky pleasures of bragging subside, reality sets in: you must now spend week after boring week waiting for your classmates to catch up. You probably wind up taking the test four months after you finished the book, at which point you only kind of remember the plot. Worst of all, you know you're not reading as much, or thinking as hard, as you could and should be. That's the fix this Sparkler finds herself in:

I have a question, how long should it take for a tenth grade class to read "to kill a mocking bird" without analyzing it? I know it sounds kind of stupid but it took my class three months and I want to know whether or not my teacher is holding us back. If you can help that would be terrific! Thank you so much for your time!

I know exactly how you're feeling, Sparkler—but I also sympathize with your teacher. I bet she's trying to find a pace that works well for the huge variety of students in the class. While three months does seem like a loooooong time to spend reading a skinny little novel like TKAM, maybe your teacher knows that 3/4ths of the class will get frustrated and give up if she assigns the chapters any faster.

If your teacher isn't a monster, she'll be thrilled to hear that you want to chomp into War and Peace, Great Expectations, or whatever other meaty novels you've got your eye on. Why not ask to meet with her after class, and say something like, "I really love the books we're reading, but I'm finishing them pretty fast. I'd like to tackle some harder stuff; is there any way you could give me a list of books you love, and maybe talk to me after I'm done reading them?" If she's too busy or too mean to do this for you, well, we'll just have to start a book club of our own.

Sparklers, do you finish the assigned reading wayyyy ahead of time?

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