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Happy Grammar Day!

Happy Grammar Day!

By Miss Marm

March 4 is Grammar Day, and I'd like to celebrate by thanking my favorite punctuation mark:

The period.

Yes, the period is a humble speck, so frequently used that we hardly notice it. But that's precisely why it deserves appreciation. The period is like a reliable old friend:

* It's there for us whenever we need it.

* We take it for granted. Of course we'll always love the period, and of course we'll see it every day.

* We sometimes desert it in favor of thrilling, hard-partying acquaintances like the em-dash and the semicolon. And the next morning, when we read over our rough drafts, we realize it's the period we should have used all along.

* We got to know the period way back in kindergarten. We just feel comfortable with it. We'll never feel as relaxed around the hyphen, which we didn't meet until we were, like, eleven.

Happy Grammar Day, period. You rule.

What's your favorite punctuation mark?

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