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Musical Fiction Contest: "The Kiss"

Musical Fiction Contest: "The Kiss"

By Miss Marm

Freshman year of high school, I was constantly making out with Justin, a senior who had a girlfriend. Not coincidentally, the stories I wrote featured Justin-alikes who dumped their girlfriends and declared undying love for a blond protagonist. chocoflakken understands what I didn't: it's never a good idea to fulfill your wishes in fiction (unless you're trying to write boring, predictable, self-indulgent crap).

The Kiss

Strong hands touch a slender, trembling waist.
Gorgeous grey eyes meet uncertain blue ones.
Silence.  Then, a kiss.  A glorious, gentle, perfect kiss...

His wonderful face has been there all semester, next to me always as
we listen to our straightfaced teacher describe things we couldn't
care less about.  All year, sitting, smiling, flirting, laughing.  He
always knew how to amuse me, how to annoy me, how to charm me.

That smile.  That wonderful smile.

He's a gentleman, yet a popular flirt.  Everyone likes him.  People
who don't - they're just jealous, I guess.  He's athletic, he's
musical, and he is just plain good-looking.  One might even go so far
as to say beautiful.  And my heart, without my permission, has decided
to love him.

Never have I allowed myself to imagine he could like me.  Me? The girl
who's never had a boyfriend, never even been kissed?  Not in a million
years.  He goes for the beautiful girls, with gently curling blond
hair, or a dark, mysterious air, or actual talent. Not smart, cheerful
girls with mediocre voices and without a single coordinated body
part.  Not "sweet" girls - sweet here meaning plain, homely.

No, never me.  But I always hoped.  And now-

He's kissing my best friend.  Right there, in front of me, the boy my
heart has decided to love is kissing my lovely, wonderful best friend.

And I? I must squeal with her, go over every detail.  Because I am a
friend:  a friend who feels so empty.

Based on "I'm Not That Girl," from Wicked

Whadja think, Sparklers?

Also, I know those of you who submitted are anxious to see if your stories will be chosen as finalists. I'm reading as fast as I can. Hang in there!

To see a list of past finalists, check out this post.

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