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Musical Fiction Contest: "Pink Robots"

Musical Fiction Contest: "Pink Robots"

By Miss Marm

Perhaps this isn't the most polished finalist in the fiction contest, but javypsychrock's outsized imagination and breakneck pacing remind me of Calvin's Spaceman Spiff daydreams, and that makes up for a little roughness around the edges (in my opinion!).

Pink Robots

Yoshimi was looking out a window. She was wearing her pink and white cotton pajamas. Her hair was in a pony-tail. It was black with think strokes of maroon. Yoshimi was a strong girl. She was thin, and short, but her muscles were very refined.

The sun was just beginning to rise behind the green mountains. All the spherical buildings were beginning to move away from the shadows. The sky had a beautiful shade of orange and purple. The little bit of sunshine sparkled the walls and floors of her apartment; giving all her furniture a warm golden color.

Her morning was going great. The coffee machine didn’t malfunction, her robot dog wasn’t barking hysterically, and no space-cars were honking. Everything was fine.

“You look awfully content today.” her computer said in a monotone, robotic voice.

Yoshimi’s computer was mounted on the wall of her tiny living room. It was located on the side of her bedroom door. It looked similar to a silky white wide-screen television set with many bright buttons on the bottom.

“It’s a beautiful day, Nonsha.” Yoshimi said, still looking out the window.

“I see you received your black belt.”

“Yup, I got it yesterday.” Yoshimi said, “I’m working for the city now.”

“That is excellent.” Nonsha said, “I assume you are on your way to work.”

“Yes I am.” Yoshimi said, “I have to go do training first. They got me eating all this weird food. It’s supposed to help my body. They also gave me all kinds of vitamins to make me stronger and stuff.”

Yoshimi went to the kitchen table. She typed a numerical code on a metallic, black box. It made a beeping noise a few times, and then it opened at the top.

“Wow, that’s pretty cool.” Yoshimi said.

She took out hundreds of orange plastic bottles from the box and set them on the wooden table. Perhaps the only piece of furniture she owned that wasn’t white. She grabbed a handful and took them to her living room. She eventually placed all of them on her sofa.

“That’s a lot of vitamins.” Yoshimi laughed.

She pressed a long combination of buttons on the bottom of Nonsha, and a square hole opened on the screen. Yoshimi started throwing all of the plastic bottles in the hole. After she was done she pressed a button and the hole closed.

“One hundred and three vitamin bottles are now being placed in the folder VITAMINS.” Nonsha said. “Shall I organize them in alphabetical order?”

“Yes, please.” Yoshimi said.

Then she went to her bedroom. It was completely dark, and her boyfriend Ugo was still sleeping. She went to her closet. The door squeaked a little. She took out her suit and placed it on the bed. The suit was made out of an advanced stretchable fabric. It was bullet-proof and protected her against fire. The torso was pink with a large white V across it. The legs were white with pink metal kneecaps. On the left chest was a blue, round logo that had a closed fist on it. She put the suit and her belt on. The belt was black with many slots on it.  She lay down next to Ugo, and put her arm around him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m leaving, baby.” she said.

Ugo was a thin slender man. With straight black hair that always shined as if it was wet all day.

“What? You can’t leave.” Ugo said.

“Why not?”

“I got a call from McMillan earlier.” Ugo said. “He said that something went wrong with the three pink robots. He said that someone wired them all wrong, and they’re running all over the city killing anyone that stands in their way, and destroying all the buildings.”

“I didn’t see anything this morning.” Yoshimi said.

“I know. They will probably be around here in a couple of hours.” he said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let those robots eat any more people.” she smiled.

“Yoshimi, they don’t believe me.” he said. “They keep saying you’re not going to make it. I tell them you’re the only one for this job. I know you are. You have the strongest heart. I know you won’t let those robots defeat me, or any one around here. I know it.”

“I won’t let anything defeat you, baby.” she said. “I’ll get rid of those pink robots.”

Then Yoshimi got on top of him. She untied her pony-tail; allowing her smooth black hair to stroke Ugo’s face. He ran his thin, long fingers through her hair, then down her back. They met lips and kissed tenderly. She leaned her head back. He kissed her neck. She then placed her index finger to his lips.

“I better leave.” Yoshimi whispered.

“Please be careful, Yoshimi.” Ugo said.

Yoshimi tied her hair and stepped out of her apartment. She arrived at PavMons. This is the company she works for. They build robots, and specialize on other technological advances. Yoshimi is there incase anything goes wrong. She is what they call a protector. A protector is an expert at all martial arts, and an expert shooter. This is a position that not many people can get. It takes a very skilled and brave individual to become a protector for PavMons.

Yoshimi took the elevator to the last floor where she would meet her boss, McMillan. The whole building was entirely white, similar to her apartment. This was one aspect Yoshimi loved about PavMons. She always worked better when there was white around.
She arrived at the last floor and walked down a very long hall. The walls were covered with black and white pictures of McMillan. He was an older man with a thick white beard, dark skin, and curly silver hair. She opened his large office door that was at least four times taller than her. She stepped inside and coughed purposely. McMillan was sitting at his glass desk facing opposite from the door.

“What the hell is going on, McMillan?” Yoshimi asked.

“Something has gone totally wrong.” he said.

“Yeah, I know. I got the news.” she said, “How do we fix it?”

He turned around and looked at her.

“I’m afraid you will have to solve this problem on your own, Yoshimi.” he said.

“I’m aware of that.” she said, “I’m the only protector left, after all. Everybody else is dead. You think I don’t know? I’m not stupid.”

“I never said you were stupid.” he said. “Now take this, and go take care of the problem.”

McMillan gave her a white laser pistol with her name engraved on it. She held it and accidently shot the window with it. A blue thick laser ran from the pistol to the window instantaneously. There were shards of glass on the floor, and the wind made some papers on the desk fly, and her pony-tail swivel.

“Be careful with that. It’s very sensitive.” McMillan said.

“I’m so sorry.” Yoshimi said, “I’ll pay for that, don’t worry.”

“It’s fine, just go and take care of the problem.” he said, “Don’t forget your hover machine. It’s hanging on the wall behind you.”

The hover machine was similar to a back-pack, only much thinner, and made out of white metal. It had two nozzles on the bottom and a button that turned it on and off at the top. She grabbed it and put it on. She grabbed the laser gun from the floor and placed it inside one of the slots of her belt. Then she smiled at McMillan and flew out the window.

The sky was orange and covered with clouds of yellow. She flew over the spherical buildings for about thirty minutes until she reached Tri-Bank, the largest bank in the city. She saw three pink robots tearing the place to pieces. They were shooting red lasers from their eyes at the building; setting it on fire. They would grab random people from the street, and put them in their large metallic mouths. The people screamed as they went down the robot’s throat. The robots were about the same size as the building. They had round heads with circular yellow eyes, and spherical bodies similar to the buildings. They had three globular legs complemented by thick and heavy arms. Each of them had a yellow number painted on their torso: 20, 21, and 25.

“Stop that!” Yoshimi screamed in her shrill voice.

The robots stopped and looked at her. All their eyes turned red except for number 21.

“We’re getting you, Yoshimi.” 25 said in a deep, robotic voice.

She started shooting lasers at it. They created deep holes in its metallic pink body, and the wires made a distorted noise. The robot was screaming. It tried to shoot a laser at her, but it was too weak and it did not reach. Number 20 was now shooting lasers at her. One of them got close to her cheek, but luckily only took out part of her hair. Number 25 was paralyzed and shaking wildly. She shot at the shaking robot and the laser went right through its eye. The robot exploded; shooting large pieces of pink metal everywhere. She started shooting number 20, but it was much stronger than 25, and the laser did not damage it as much. The robot started running towards her. It was quite fast for a robot of about fifty tons. She flew away from it, but she was not as fast. The robot kept running. Getting closer to her; destroying any building that got in its way. Finally, it came close to her, and grabbed her with its thick metallic hand that almost crushed her little body.

“Let go of me!” Yoshimi screamed.

“This is the end of you, and PavMons. Goodbye, Yoshimi.” The robot said.

It was about to shove her in its mouth when Yoshimi shot it five times in its eye. The robot exploded just like the last one did.

“Stupid robot.” she said.

Yoshimi flew towards number 21 now. She got to where he was and pointed the pistol at it. She noticed its eyes weren’t red like the others. The robot said something, but it spoke in a different language that she could not understand.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yoshimi asked as she pointed the pistol at it, “How come you’re not trying to kill me?”

The robot said something again, and then started walking towards the green mountains that shined under the sun. Yoshimi smiled, and put the pistol away. She followed the robot.

Based on "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots," by The Flaming Lips

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