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Pick Your Favorite Story

Pick Your Favorite Story

By Miss Marm

Sparklers, the musical fiction contest is over, and the time has come to tell me which story you love best. I alone (I ALONE, mwwwwahahaha!) will determine the winner, but I'm easy to manipulate. Pick your favorite story and tell me why you love it in the comments.

Here are all the finalists!

"Even Angels Cry," by Medea37
A boy waits with his family in the hospital, and, at the end of the story, discovers why they're so upset.

"Sunrise," by Shinytrombone11
Caro, who has lost her mother, takes care of her little sister and then heads out for a ride on her horse, Sky.

"Winter," by jahamette
At his funeral, a girl remembers her grandfather.

"Back In Your Head," by camipop
Party girl Kaity gets ready to cheat on her boyfriend.

"Smile," by inalandfarfaraway
The narrator aches over her best friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-ex, who's now dating someone new.

"Mannequins," by leames1701
It is the future, and Lily is worried about Stephen, who's developed paranoid theories about the prime minister...or IS he paranoid?

"Looking for Yourself," by B15air
Emily mourns the loss of her best friend, who has transformed herself into a dolt to fit in with her new cheerleader clique.

"No Child Left Behind," by EMDEE_3
In an Orwellian future in which everyone wears "public faces" (masks), our narrator meets a revolutionary classmate.

"Long Distance," by sodapopc21
A girl drops off her friend at the train station. They have grown estranged, a situation they discuss obliquely.

"Answers," by clarissavandell
Dr. Epperly performs exploratory surgery on a beautiful robot named Lauren, who has been sent by aliens to study humans.

"Narcissistic," by sligers118
The hot, vain guy likes the bookish, nerdy girl—for a little while.

"The complicated truth," by ekename
A sinister guy named Tod puts our narrator in the hospital.

"The Kiss," by chocoflakken
The narrator watches as the guy she likes makes out with her best friend.

"Pink Robots," by javypsychrock
In the future, Yoshimi destroys robots, and then meets a friendly one.

"Young Folks," by crazycrayon
Mara, a rich girl attending one of her mother's "hopelessly boring galas," meets a smart, cute guy named Ben.

"Good Enough," by Leannan Sith
Although she suspects it's not normal, a victim of abuse kind of enjoys getting beat up by her boyfriend.

"Things I Remember About You," by timeenough
The narrator, who's either a sweet romantic or the creepiest creeper of all time, thinks about his longtime crush.

"Six Years," by PieHo
A mistress fights with her boyfriend, who refuses to leave his wife.

"Collection,"by DarkWings44
Grace goes over to Ted's house and sees his collection...OF HIS VICTIMS' HAIR!!!

"You Don't Know Me," by pyromist
A hot angel tries to convince New Yorkers that the apocalypse is nigh.

"A Sorceress Spurned," by nesgurl90
Pregnant Circe thinks about her relationship with Odysseus, who has left her.

"Teen Spirit,"by Scarlet Maria
A girl's mother asks, "How was your night?" The girl imagines responding with three dark truths.

"When I Wake," by
The narrator avoids her boozehound dad as he rampages through the house.

"You Don't Know Me," (second one of the contest!) by djmcleod17
A passive father watches his horrible wife berate their daughter.

Sooooo, what's it gonna be? Who deserves to win the contest?

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