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Miss Marm's Book Club: What Should We Read Next?

Miss Marm's Book Club: What Should We Read Next?

By Miss Marm

Thank you for making yesterday's book club such a rousing success! We can keep talking about Catching Fire on that thread for as long as you'd like. And obviously we'll book club the heck out of Mockingjay later this summer. But between now and then, what should we read and discuss?

Before you answer, check out this comment from verbomaniac012:

I like having nerdy book discussions on sparknotes, plus none of my friends have read the hunger games, so this makes me really happy I love reading everybodys opinions and ideas I love you, sparklers!!!

verbomaniac is exactly right about why our book club is great. Having nerdy book discussion on SparkNotes is super fun, especially when you're longing to talk about a beloved book that none of your friends have read.

As you're deciding which book to nominate for our next club, think about novels that...

  • You love
  • You think everyone should read immediately
  • You know would spur interesting discussion
  • You're dying to talk about with your fellow Sparklers

Leave your picks in the comments, and explain why you're nominating them!

UPDATE: We don't need to stick to YA. Anything fictional is fair game, including Dr. Anton Chekhov, if that's what you're into.

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