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Let's Read I Capture the Castle and Talk About It

Let's Read I Capture the Castle and Talk About It

By Miss Marm

Thanks so much for all of your amazing book club suggestions. After careful consideration and contemplative Cheez-It consumption, I've decided we should read I Capture the Castle, for five reasons:

1. It's a great book.

2. It's a summery book.

3. It's not a dystopia. I love novels about grim totalitarian futures, but we just read one of those, and we're reading another in August, so I think we should take a little break to frolic around a castle with the girl J.K. Rowling calls "one of the most charismatic narrators I've ever met."

4. It's about a teenager who loves to write. We can all identify.

5. It has passages like this: "After a while I heard an owl hooting and calmed myself by thinking of it flying over the dark fields —and then I remembered it would be pouncing on mice. I love owls, but I wish God had made them vegetarian."

Thanks for suggesting this one, josieiz, and thanks to everyone who seconded the motion.

Let's schedule the book club for Friday, July 30 Thursday, July 29. Check out the book from your library now, chickens, or buy it on

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