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Mockingjay Comes Out Today!

Mockingjay Comes Out Today!

By Miss Marm

Sharpen your arrows and polish your anti-authoritarian rhetoric, because Mockingjay, the third installment of Suzanne Collins' series, comes out today!

I have two Mockingjay-related questions:

1. When should we discuss it?

I know some of you pre-ordered the book, others will download it to your Nook or other e-reader, others are on a million-person wait list for it at the library, and still others trampled a B&N security guard to get it this morning and then read the entire thing standing up in the YA section while shaking uncontrollably. When will you be ready to talk about the novel? Let me know in the comments.

2. What do you predict will happen?

I say President Snow will try to have Katniss's entire family killed, Kat and the gang will overthrow the government, fiery gowns will be worn, songs will be sung, and Gale will go to the big arena in the sky.

Leave your predictions, book club date requests, and squuuuuuueeeeeeees in the comments!

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