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Your Favorite Books That Hook

Your Favorite Books That Hook

By Miss Marm

Sparklers, can you help out with this one?

K, so I'm 14, just a youngen, and I really want a good book to read that can HOOK me. I need something that makes you stop and think. Genre doesn't matter. I don't necessarily want something with massive, rarely used words (I'm looking at you Eragon) that you have to look up in your dictionary. I would love for it to be more of a "mature" book. Not my grade level. I am, surprisingly, pretty mature when it comes to reading. I feel like God in English because everyone is always asking me about what this line means and what's a good these.  But maturity doesn't apply for me elsewhere... WE'RE DRIFTING FROM THE POINT.

Like I  said, a mature book. Requires thought process and thinking. Thanks ;]

First of all, what's so terrible about looking up words in the dictionary? I know it's annoying if you have to pause ten times per sentence to search for definitions, but learning big new words is the whole point of being fourteen, no? Your brain is a sponge, young warrior. Use it to soak up words like "septuagenarian," "defenestrate," and "mendacious."

That said, I have heard that Eragon is a bit windy and pretentious (I haven't read it, so you'll have to tell me in the comments whether that's a fair critique), and I can see why you're craving something more straightforward. When you say "hook," I think Hunger Games. I also think Stephen King (who's too scary for me, but a great favorite of Auntie SparkNotes'), and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Sparklers, what would you recommend?

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