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Who Is the Hero of The Iliad?

Who Is the Hero of The Iliad?

By Miss Marm

I just got this email from a Sparkler:

This year I am reading the Iliad in class. I have been having a hard time picking the epic hero. It seems to me that all the main characters are full of pride and revenge and there isn't a clear hero to me. Achillies is a great warrior but he doesn't have good motives. Agammon is a strong leader but he doesn't have good motives either. Do you have any ideas on who might fit the roll of a bigger than life, stronger, smarter, braver character?

Is now a good time to admit that I've never read a single word of The Iliad?

I keep meaning to get to it, but there's so much else on my plate, like watching Project Runway eating string cheese uploading albums to FB reading Shakespeare.

Fortunately, Sparklers are much better-read than I am. What say you, Sparkleheads? Who's the hero of the Iliad?

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