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Books for Aspiring FBI Agents

Books for Aspiring FBI Agents

By Miss Marm

Sometimes I wish I were running a dating website. These two murder-minded Sparklers would be perfect for each other! Or perfectly companionable bookworms, at least.

Sparkler #1 writes...

So I love to read, A LOT. And I been wondering if you can give me any book recommendations? Here's a little about myself. I love shows like Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Covet Affairs, and and CSI. I love mysteries as you can see and police work. I also love drama and vampires. I've been reading Pretty Little Liars since 5 grade, and now that the books are over, I need more drama I can read. Please help.

Sparkler #2 writes...

My name is James and I am currently in grade 11. I am taking the A.P of Psychology which I find really fascinating.
I am really determined to get into either the FBI or become a detective at solving homicides.
I was wondering if you could recommend any good books on Criminology or books on Criminals
and how they think. Like how serial killers think. I really don't know where to begin so any recommendations or ideas
would help me out. I really want to expand my knowledge on criminals and how to catch them.

I recommend Columbine, by Dave Cullen. It's a thoughtful page-turner that's not nearly as depressing as you fear it will be.

In Cold Blood is a classic of the genre, a crime report that's also wry and literary.

The Executioner's Song is about the mind of a killer and about the system that imprisoned him.

Finally, it's not a book, but check out the article "Mind Game," from the September 6, 2010 issue of The New Yorker. It's a riveting account of a psycho psychiatrist who killed his wife. The abstract (summary) of the article is online, but you'll have to buy a subscription or head to your local library if you want to read the whole thing.

I'm less equipped to recommend a Pretty Little Liars substitute. I know everyone loves that one about the girl who made a tape and then committed suicide (you know the one), but I found it boring, vague, and unconvincing. Sparklers, what would you recommend for someone who loves PLL and needs a fix? And what other books on crime would you add to my list?

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