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A Really Hot Guy Named Clark (And Restrictive Clauses)

By: Miss Marm

In terms of thrills and chills, restrictive commas are right up there with toe lint. To make this post more fun, let's pretend the Clark in question is 6'2", muscly, and brooding.

Josieiz writes:

I have a quick grammar question.
Which one is correct?

My brother Clark went to the store to buy some oranges.


My brother, Clark, went to the store to buy some oranges.

I am just not sure if you are suppose to separate "Clark" from the sentence by commas or if "brother" is just describing "Clark."
I suppose I am mostly confused because you can take "Clark" out and it still makes sense.

Here's the short answer: both sentences are grammatically

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Musical Grammar Quiz #1

By: Miss Marm

Jealous of the finalists in the musical fiction contest? I understand. They're good writers.

But even good writers struggle with grammar.

Each line below is from a MFC finalist's story, and each contains at least one error. See if you can spot the problems. Answers after the jump!

1. "Don’t think I won’t sell him," She yelled.
2. It's lighter now, the sun has almost come up.
3. Raising my hands up and closing my eyes, I relish the droplets of sustenance that is falling on our skin.
4. “Alright, Grace.  I think it’s time I showed you my garage.”
5. “I can’t take being lonely any longer,” I can hear my voice getting shrill, but I can’t stop.
6. [The driver glared with the kind of irritation] that says 'I'm not having a good day and you aren't helping'.

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As the Suspense Mounts...

By: Miss Marm

The results of the fiction contest are still unknown because I can't make up my mind because I'm letting the tension build. In the meantime, let's pay a visit to the Land of Grammar!

A Sparkler sent me an email with the subject line "hook," the question, "Is this right?" and the sentence, "The people were desperate as they crowded around the opportunity to receive what they needed, consumption in a time of starvation."

I see three wrongs and one

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Categories: grammar | colons | commas | hooks

The Diary of Ophelia[,] Lovelorn Girl

By: Miss Marm

Today's Sparkler has comma problems (among other issues). Hey, who doesn't, right?

Take a look at the original

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