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Musical Grammar Quiz #1

By: Miss Marm

Jealous of the finalists in the musical fiction contest? I understand. They're good writers.

But even good writers struggle with grammar.

Each line below is from a MFC finalist's story, and each contains at least one error. See if you can spot the problems. Answers after the jump!

1. "Don’t think I won’t sell him," She yelled.
2. It's lighter now, the sun has almost come up.
3. Raising my hands up and closing my eyes, I relish the droplets of sustenance that is falling on our skin.
4. “Alright, Grace.  I think it’s time I showed you my garage.”
5. “I can’t take being lonely any longer,” I can hear my voice getting shrill, but I can’t stop.
6. [The driver glared with the kind of irritation] that says 'I'm not having a good day and you aren't helping'.

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