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Announcing the Winner of the Musical Fiction Contest

By: Miss Marm

You've been so patient as I've dithered, debated, and put off picking a winner. But now, at long last, I'm ready to announce the victor in the Musical Fiction Contest!


First, I'd like to send a heartfelt e-THANKS! to everyone who submitted stories. You should be very proud of yourselves, for three key reasons:

It's scary to send your work out into the world for strangers to read. You're letting me—and, if you're chosen as a finalists, your fellow Sparklers—judge your talent. You're saying, "I wrote this, I care about it, and I think it's good. Do you agree?" That takes cajones!
Plenty of people talk about writing, call themselves writers, or imagine that if they only had the time, they'd be capable of writing a masterpiece. Almost no one actually sits down at their laptops and writes. You do. That's amazing.
I'm very impressed by the quality of the work you're doing. It's thoughtful, funny, sharp, and, best of all, clearly written by people who love to read. I see bright, writerly futures for all of you.

A special thanks to the finalists, whose stories were chosen from among hundreds and hundreds of submissions for publication on the site. Their work can be found here.

Before I announce the winner, I'd delighted to present four honorable

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