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Sam Solvable and the Case of the Hogweed Island Ghost

By: Miss Marm

This is it, Sparklers: the last finalist in the Funny Fiction Contest. Remember, the story with the most FB likes wins the undying admiration of the entire SparkLife community. You have until noon on Thursday, July 28, to pick your favorite story. Previous entries can be found here.

And now, on to Smokey778's tale! —Miss Marm

“We need you Sam Solvable,” Hogweed Island’s only hotel manager declared, “for the last couple days all the food being shipped into the hotel has gotten destroyed. If anyone leaves the food unattended then something very heavy flattens it, breaking the crate, destroying the food and leaving a huge crater. The strange part is no one can figure out what’s destroying it-there’s never any evidence left. As if that’s not enough, hotel guests are disappearing one by one like magic. People are saying that it’s the work of a ghost. Can you help us?”

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Books for Aspiring FBI Agents

By: Miss Marm

Sometimes I wish I were running a dating website. These two murder-minded Sparklers would be perfect for each other! Or perfectly companionable bookworms, at least.

Sparkler #1 writes...

So I love to read, A LOT. And I been wondering if you can give me any book recommendations? Here's a little about myself. I love shows like Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Covet Affairs, and and CSI. I love mysteries as you can see and police work. I also love drama and vampires. I've been reading Pretty Little Liars since 5 grade, and now that the books are over, I need more drama I can read. Please help.

Sparkler #2 writes...

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