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Quotation Marks, Punctuation, and Cheez-Its

By: Miss Marm

I'm drinking the revitalize flavor of Vitamin Water Zero, and it is perfectly hideous. It tastes like green tea and Sweet and Low. Grrrrrrross.

And now, with no transition at all, let's move on to a question from a Sparkler:

In the Writing for Sparklife FAQ the following pet peeve raised some questions about the relationship between quotation marks and punctuation:

Keep that punctuation inside the quotes, people. We know you do it differently in other parts of the world, like Mars, but this is how we roll here in SparkTown, USA.

Does this simply mean that Sparkitors prefer "I read an amazing Sparklife post!" to "I read an amazing Sparklife post"! or does it refer to quotations within a sentence?

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Style Like Leaky Snow Boots

By: Miss Marm

Sometimes your commas and quotation marks are arranged as perfectly as the crystals in a snowflake—yet your style is uncomfortable and sad, like leaky boots. Need an example? Look at this email from a Sparkler:

I have a grammar question for you. In my essay, I've written:

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