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Anatomy of a First-Ever Research Paper

By: Jon_Skindzier

Today, I bring you a guest post from SparkLife blogger Jon Skindzier. Enjoy!

When it comes to research papers, students fall into one of three categories: Lucky kids, who wrote their first research papers in middle school (though at the time it probably felt more like a mix of jail time and English than it did luck), confident kids who aren't intimidated by anything, and then a third group, to whom the first paper is a lengthy enigma worth half a grade.

Often they wind up terrified and unprepared, blundering around at the last minute with a haphazard stack of cryptic, out-of-order index cards. They feel like they've just been robbed by the Riddler. You do not want to be in this group, but if you are, here's a list of vital research paper do's and don'ts:

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