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Your Favorite Books That Hook

By: Miss Marm

Sparklers, can you help out with this one?

K, so I'm 14, just a youngen, and I really want a good book to read that can HOOK me. I need something that makes you stop and think. Genre doesn't matter. I don't necessarily want something with massive, rarely used words (I'm looking at you Eragon) that you have to look up in your dictionary. I would love for it to be more of a "mature" book. Not my grade level. I am, surprisingly, pretty mature when it comes to reading. I feel like God in English because everyone is always asking me about what this line means and what's a good these.  But maturity doesn't apply for me elsewhere... WE'RE DRIFTING FROM THE POINT.

Like I  said, a mature book. Requires thought process and thinking. Thanks ;]

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