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Yellow Wallpaper Screaming Meemies

By: Miss Marm

Vandude just made such a great comment on Kat's post that I have to retweet it (respark it?) here:

i read a short story that absolutely gave me the “screaming meemies” as spark notes so eloquently states it it was called “The Yellow Wallpaper” but i forgot who its written by and its about this lady who has post-pardum depression so she is locked up by her husband so she wont do anything drastic but instead she goes crazy! yikes and then my teacher did a demonstration of the crazy lady creeping along the wall and now i still get nightmares ahhhh

Number one, I love "The Yellow Wallpaper." It's creepy and feminist and awesome. Number two, Vandude's teacher sounds amazing and I'm totally stealing her moves. Number three, the writer is Ms. Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Anyone who hasn't read this spooky classic can check it out here. And don't miss the SparkNote, obvi.

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