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Where Do You Write?

By: Miss Marm

I feel weird writing when someone else is in the apartment. God forbid someone barges in and asks me what I'm writing about; I basically turn into Mel Gibson. Sparkler jazzie9328 has a similar condition:

Okay so i have a very weird problem. I love to write (hint thats not the problem) the problem is that i just can not get myself to do this with other people around. Even in my own bedroom I have a hard time writing when someone is in the house. They usally come bursting into my room, scaring me out of my writing world, plop right next to me and say, "Hey what ya writing? Can I read it!" Do you have any sugjestion on how to get over this or other places i could write without being disturbed?

Jazzie, we're in good company. Jane Austen didn't like writing around other people, either, and she didn't have a private place to work. She used to scribble on tiny pieces of paper, which were easy to hide whenever someone came into the room.

I think you have three options here, one of which I've stolen from

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