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Key Facts

Key Facts

Name -  · Kabbalah, which means “receiving” in Hebrew.
Important Texts -  · The Zohar (“The Book of Radiance”), Sefer Yetzirah (“The Book of Formation”), Sefer ha-Bahir (“The Book of Brilliance”)
Language -  · The most important texts of Kabbalah were originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic, a defunct language.
Time and Place Written -  · Kabbalah’s core texts began to appear as early as the first century B.C.E. The Zohar was most likely written in the second century C.E.
Important Kabbalists -  · Shimon ben Yohai, Isaac the Blind, Moses de Leon, Moses Cordovero, Isaac Luria, Shabbetai Tzvi, Nathan of Gaza, Rav Philip Berg
Major Themes -  · An Infinite and Incomplete God, the Three Types of Fear, Chaos and Forgiveness
Important Terms -  · The sefirot, the Tree of Life, tikkun, tsimtsum, shevirat ha-kelim, netzutzot, klippot

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