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why Kant is still relevant

by goodmanwilliam3, June 01, 2013

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I note that we no longer regard our judgments of art as disinterested thanks to the realpolitik of the 20th century. But, I submit, the problem is with us, not Kant. We've drunk the kool aid that has removed our disinterest. But not all of us. Recall the Washington Post's famous experiment. They put Joshua Bell in the D.C. subway, posing as a busker, and playing parts of the program he would later perform at the Kennedy Center that night or next for $200 a seat. Virtually no one stopped to listen to him play with two classes of exceptions: (1) some homeless people, and (2) virtually every child under the age of eight who had to be forcibly dragged away by responsible adults on truly important missions. The children and the few homeless retained their aesthetic disinterest.


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