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SN search icon A widget is a small application that lives on your computer. It lets you perform simple tasks and gives you fast access to information. With the SparkNotes Search Widget you can connect directly from your desktop to the powerful SparkNotes search engine. Enter a search term and a browser window will open with your search results at SparkNotes.

Windows 2000 or Windows XP To use the SparkNotes Search Widget the for PC, you must first download Konfabulator (requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP), a JavaScript engine that allows you to run widgets.
Download for PC (13kb)

Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger)
The SparkNotes Search Widget for Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) will work with all systems running Dashboard.
Download for Mac OSX 10.4 with Dashboard (Tiger) (44kb)

Mac OSX 10.2 or greater (Jaguar)
To use the SparkNotes Search Widget on OSX 10.2 or greater, download Konfabulator for the Mac.
Download for Mac OSX 10.2 or greater (13kb)

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