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Head Over Heels
an SAT/ACT vocabulary novel

May 18: Administrative Professionals Day

I woke up this morning with a headache the size of Rhode Island. Let’s just say there was a lot of crying last night. After three Excedrin and a long hot shower, I moaned all the way downstairs.

“You don’t look so good,” Mom said when I walked into the kitchen.

“Don’t feel so good either.”


I felt like I was about to cry all over again. If she knew I needed Yoohoo, then I must have looked bad.

I sank down at the table while she got me a nice cold Yoo-hoo out of the fridge. After a few sips, the phone rang and I reached over to pick up.


“Fran, what happened to you last night?”

“Nikki, I’m sorry. It’s just, there was this huge scene with Jeremy and Luke, and then Luke and I . . .” I didn’t even know how to describe it. “It just sucked, basically, so Agatha Renshaw was there and she drove me home.”

“Wait, something happened with you and Luke? I guess that’s why, well, you know.”

I scrunched my face up. “Why what?”

“You haven’t heard?”

“Nikki, will you just tell me what’s going on?”

She sighed, and I could picture her leaning against her headboard, all set to start the story. The possibilities raced through my mind, but the one I couldn’t escape was the one that hurt the most. Luke had hooked up with someone else. I knew he had.

“Luke is in major trouble, Fran. Major.”

I looked over at my mom, who cocked her head back at me when she saw my expression.

“He was a wreck after you took off last night—in a seriously black mood,” Nikki went on. “He saw me and told me you left, but he wouldn’t explain why or anything. Then he left the party, and we all thought he went home. But this morning, I heard from Shannon that Luke was caught on school grounds later on, drinking. Do you know what that means? It’s grounds for expulsion.”

“Why would he do something so stupid?” I breathed.

“Hello? Obviously whatever happened with you,” she said. “You really messed him up, Fran. Now do you finally believe me that the jerk is completely in love with you?”

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