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Head Over Heels
an SAT/ACT vocabulary novel

November 9: USMC Day

Been doing a lot of pontificating about politics these past few weeks. My parents always have CNN on in the mornings before we leave, and it’s hard not to get sucked in to all the crazy stuff going on in the world.

However, my burning zeal for global affairs was actually not what inspired me, after a laborious twenty-seven hours of deliberation, to announce my candidacy today for Junior Class Vice President.

It was a last minute thing. I had an epiphany of sorts, yesterday. I’ll set the scene for you. It was a crisp, serene autumn morning. Outside the window, our lawn was strewn with variegated leaves, colorful, like a finger painting. The sounds of jazz Muzak—Mom’s “easy listening” station—played in the background. It was an instrumental rendition of “Beat It,” with a flute as a surrogate for Michael Jackson’s voice.

I was sitting in our breakfast nook, leaning my stool against the wall, reading the Columbus High newspaper. There was a story about a student, Jimmy Thatcher, who got tossed out of CH in a plagiarism scandal. The guilty verdict against him had been—in the opinion of the student body (those who I talked to, anyway)—flat-out spurious. But we were powerless to the edicts of The Powers That Be—in this case, Principal Adams and all his cronies on the school board. The article didn’t name any names, of course, but it talked in vague terms about the unfairness of certain recent actions against a student whose guilt hadn’t been proven to the students’ satisfaction.

That’s when the epiphany came. Student Disciplinary Committee. We needed to create an elected board of students to balance the power of The Powers That Be. If a group of kids that reflected the disparate opinions of the student body were allowed to attend the board members’ caucuses, the students could take a stand for their fellow man in the egalitarian manner of this great country. Then maybe guys like Jimmy Thatcher wouldn’t end up getting bilked by the system.

But how would I get such progressive legislation passed? I would run for Class President! Wait a second. Bad idea. I would lose. I wasn’t that popular. Class Secretary? No, I hated taking notes. Vice President. Maybe. Yeah. Now, that was ambitious.

So I went and signed up today after third period. I’ve already started making posters. Jeremy totally supports my political aspirations and has been helping me with the posters. The fundamental tenet of my campaign will be, naturally, the establishment of the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC). This is a big step for me. It’s a valiant step toward becoming The New Francesca, which I vowed I’d do over the summer. I will hold on to my convictions. I’m gonna make it happen. I can already hear my horde of followers chanting: SDC! SDC! Castarelli! Castarelli!

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