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Head Over Heels
an SAT/ACT vocabulary novel

February 2: Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil must have seen his shadow today. I think things are looking up for me. I wrote an editorial in the school paper that the editor-in-chief called “brave.” I got compliments for it today at school.

Open Letter to Principal Adams
Dear Dr. Adams,
In my recent campaign for Junior Class Vice President, I pledged that I would create a Student Disciplinary Committee. It only makes sense that the perspective of students should be considered in disciplinary matters with potentially grave consequences, such as expulsion. If you would abrogate or at least amend the antiquated policies now in existence and permit a group of students to offer their perspective, I’m convinced that it would stem the tide of student-wide discontent that has occurred after past controversial disciplinary measures. Confidence in your leadership, Dr. Adams, as well as in the forces of the Powers That Be, would be totally solidified.
                      Francesca R. Castarelli

Not bad, right? So anyway, Dr. Adams called me down to his office during fifth period. The meeting was pretty cursory, which was good because I was sweating bullets. I had to wipe my clammy hands on my pants before shaking his hand. Dr. Adams was cool as a cucumber. He said that he admired my initiative, and that he would take my idea up with the members of the board. Meanwhile, I should draw up a proposal delineating the specifics of my plan, including how many students would be on the committee, and how they would be nominated.

Riding a wave of optimism, I walked right up to Luke after English class. The more I’d thought about it, the more I felt like it was no big deal to just get a little more SAT prep help from him. I knew I’d have to be careful not to let Jeremy find out since he was so crazy about the whole thing, but wasn’t it worth it if it meant the difference for me getting into a good college? Not that I’d ever admit to Luke that I think that’s the case or anything.

So, anyway, first I thanked Luke for his heroic performance at Rico’s birthday party. Then I said I wanted to start tutoring with him again, and we decided to schedule a time for next week.

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