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Rave New World
an SAT/ACT vocabulary novel

Chapter 19

Part 1

The next morning Jaden tackled his workout with even less enthusiasm. To his surprise, he wasn’t the last one to show up on the course. Jaden was halfway through his first circuit when Reth ambled toward the field.

He wasn’t alone, though. Kim dripped from his arm.

At the fence, their torrid kiss drew catcalls from the other rippers, but neither blushed. Both seemed pretty pleased by their acquisitions—Reth obviously felt he’d taken something of Jaden’s, and Kim was enjoying showing Jaden what he’d missed out on.

Jaden turned his back on the amorous couple and resumed his workout. Had Kim really felt so aggrieved that she had to spend the night with that cottonmouth Reth? What had Jaden done to her, really? A slight rebuff at worst.

Let the two of them have each other. Maybe they’d leave him alone so he could concentrate on finding Ally.

Behind him, more catcalls erupted.

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