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Chapter One

Page 2

Drew felt a rush of adrenaline. For a second he thought of his brother. This must be what Trey felt like whenever he made his captain’s speeches before taking the football field. This was how Drew was going to feel every Saturday next year.

“No matter what, we have got to make sure that this is the best year ever,” Drew said, standing, enjoying the attention that was riveted on him. “From the first day of the first practice, we have to—”

“Hey. Isn’t that your brother?” Clay asked, looking through the plate glass window into Starbucks.

Drew’s jaw dropped in indignation at having his very first speech truncated so abruptly. But sure enough, there on the TV screen behind the counter was Trey himself, smiling and chatting with the hot reporter woman from the local news.

“Hey! Trey is on the news!” Tamara shrieked.

And instantly, every single kid on the sidewalk crowded through the doors and into the tiny coffee house. Unbelievable. The adulation these people heaped on Drew’s brother was simply unbelievable. Drew’s shoulders slumped as he reluctantly followed the throng inside. Part of him wanted to stay out in the sun, away from the Trey Benson love-in, but he didn’t want to appear perfidious. Because he wasn’t. Drew loved his brother. He truly did. No matter what triumphs Trey achieved or how many accolades were heaped upon him, his brother was always both humble and magnanimous. An indisputably good guy. But Drew still could not wait for Trey to get his butt in the car and move out of the house. He had lived in Trey’s shadow for far too long.

“Turn it up!” Tamara shouted to the kid behind the counter.

He did, and just then the cameraman gave the world an extreme close-up of Trey’s handsome, smiling face. The whole Starbucks crowd exploded with cheers.

“Shhhhhh!” Jason scolded.

Everyone fell silent to listen to Trey’s response. The whole shop was captivated.

“Of course I can’t wait to get to Penn State and get to work with the team,” Trey said. “But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss all the people back at Washingtonville High.”

More cheers. One of Drew’s friends slapped him on the back. Little did he know Drew’s heart felt nothing but sour.

“Well, I’m sure they’re going to miss you, too, Trey. You became a sort of paragon for that team last season,” hot reporter lady said.

“Well, I don’t know about that. But I do know that I’m not leaving the team totally bereft of talent. They’ve got a ton of returning starters, and, in fact, my brother Drew is gonna be taking over as starting quarterback. And let me tell you, the rest of the league better watch out,” Trey said, looking into the camera and winking. “They won’t know what hit them.”

This time, the place erupted in an even bigger cacophony, and Drew couldn’t help smiling. Trey’s mention of him assuaged his jealousy a bit. The guy really had a penchant for saying the right thing. It was as if he knew Drew was watching and knew exactly how he’d feel.

“There you have it, former Washingtonville High football star Trey Benson, future quarterback for the Penn State Nittany Lions . . . as humble as ever,” hot reporter lady said. “And now for a story that could have a major impact on Trey’s alma mater, Washingtonville High, we go back to Jane in the studio. Jane . . .”

“Omigod! This is it!” Tamara cried.

“Everyone shut up!” Drew shouted.

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