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The bed-trick, (a farfetched twist), Measure for Measure

by bahadurmilan86, January 04, 2014

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The contraption, which the Duke evokes to Isabella at this time, is the about farfetched of all the twists and strategies which the Duke conceptualizes. This twist is recognized as the device of the bed-trick. It is a twist which also had cases in point in drama and which Shakespeare had himself antecedently employed in his play, ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. But this appliance of the bed-trick is merely astonishing; it breaches all averages of the appearance of truth. How can we conceive that Isabella responsively corresponds to this plan? With what face will she appear in front of Angelo and enjoin him that she is uncoerced to go to bed with him? Then, how can she accord that some other girl should be going and actually get indulge in foreplay with Angelo, establishing Angelo a picture that she is Isabella? A girl, who is herself extremely conscientious astir her celibacy, can never grant to place another woman’s celibacy at peril. Then, how can we believe that Mariana would agree to this absurd design? Why should Mariana adventure the loss of her virginity on the tenuous footing that, after Angelo’s dishonest behave goes known to the hoi polloi, Angelo would find obligated to get hitched with her? But still acquiring that both Isabella and Mariana correspond to the Dukes contrive because he is a mendicant and because the words of a mendicant convey much value, who can we believe that Angelo would genuinely grant Mariana for Isabella and would not disclose the artifice at all? The twist of the bed-trick, hence, it appears to us to be exclusively impractical, flimsy, and versus all laws of exceedance. The bed-trick was a conventional method in drama of the present and of the past likewise; but the application of this fox smashes the rear motivated by the pragmatism of our play, peculiarly when this fox establishes the fundamental consequence which is to ascertain the destiny of Angelo. At the final stage of act iii, we notice the Duke predicting with some malicious satisfaction the success of the bed-trick which he has designed. In a monologue here, he says that he is going to engage “craft against vice”, indicating that he is about to nail down Angelo by crafty caper in order to penalize that man of his morally objectionable behavior. He says further, in this monologue, that he will “pay false exacting with falsehood”; signaling that he is going to penalize Angelo’s past disloyalty of Mariana with conjuration.


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