Henry VI Part 3

by: William Shakespeare

Act V, Scenes i-iv

Edward enters and urges his followers to help him burn out the enemies. Margaret reminds her followers that their sovereign is a prisoner and they must free him. They prepare for battle.


Battle scenes follow upon battle scenes, as more and more nobles are eliminated. George changes sides again, returning to his brother, and the great warrior Warwick is toppled. But Margaret has become an inspiring force on her own, able to spur her troops on to battle with encouraging words. And her followers see the warlike spirit of Henry V return in his grandson, Prince Edward.

Henry observed as he watched earlier battles that the armies behaved like waves, one swamping the other then drawing back, then returning. We, too, will watch this lengthy struggle for power reverse itself again and again, with each side struggling for supremacy as their armies and followers dwindle.

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