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The Merry Wives of Windsor

William Shakespeare


Act I, Scenes iii-iv

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Act I, Scenes iii-iv

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Act I, Scenes iii-iv

Act I, Scenes iii-iv

Act I, Scenes iii-iv

Much double-dealing begins in this scene. Falstaff's henchmen decide to tell Ford and Page of his plan to seduce their wives, while Quickly plays Slender, Caius, and Fenton with promises that she can influence Anne's choice of husband. Servants turn against their masters and drinking buddies turn against their ringleader, each attempting to influence events to their own benefit.

The scene where a French-accented Caius finds Simple in the closet is nearly pure slapstick. However, rather than beating Simple as an audience might expect, Caius sends Simple away with threats against Evans. Caius, like Evans, seems more foolish than even his actions indicate, merely because of his exaggerated accent.

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Merry Wives

by louisehaim, February 15, 2014

Act 1 Scene 1 Slender. In the county of Gloucester, justice of peace and 5

Robert Shallow. Ay, cousin Slender, and 'Custalourum.

Slender. Ay, and 'Rato-lorum' too;

three veneys for a
dish of stewed prunes; 265

Act 1 scene 3

I will
be cheater to them both, and they shall be
exchequers to me; they shall be my East and West
Indies, and I will trade to them both.

Act 1 scene 4

shent - put to shame


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Great play.

by MariaDPettiford, October 26, 2017

Amazing play by William Shakespeare. Recommend reading to everyone!