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Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

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Act 1, scene 1

Act 1, scene 2

Act 1, scene 3

Act 1, scene 4

Act 1, scene 5

Act 2, prologue–scene 1

Act 2, scenes 2–3

Act 2, scenes 4–5

Act 3, scene 1

Act 3, scenes 2–4

Act 3, scene 5

Act 4, scenes 1–2

Act 4, scenes 3–5

Act 5, scenes 1–2

Act 5, scene 3

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by DenerioWillis19, October 18, 2012

I really like how they translated the quotes into modern day time.



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Dramatic Irony

by Shookie219, December 18, 2012

This site is wonderful but it doesn't point out some literary elements I think it should such as dramatic irony. In Act IV Scene I one of the first occurrences of dramatic irony is that Paris believes Juliet is weeping over Tybalt's death but she is weeping over Romeo which the audience knows.

It would be nice to have dramatic irony's pointed out a little!


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Owen's Eternal Love for Brooklynn

by cameronwelch12, February 15, 2013

Hey guys, it's Cameron again, my poor friend Owen is having issues getting a girlfriend. His true love is Brooklynn Smithington AKA Brian Smithington's daughter. Owen is 4 years old and was born on a leap year. He also enjoys making sandwiches for his love's father Brian Smithington. Please help him get a date with Brooklynn and I will give you 3 wishes. - By the way, I am a Genie


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